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Call to End Book Embargo in Cuba

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A petition has emerged, backed by more than 40 major US book publishers, authors and agents requesting the white house and congress to end the economic embargo against Cuba as it hinders trade of books and educational material.

The ones responsible for the appeal believe that the access to books and literature is a basic human need. Eradicating the embargo will advocate understanding, economic development and build a much needed positive social change.

Mr. Coker, Chief Executive of Smashwords Inc., who was part of the publishing executive convoy that traveled to Havana to meet their Cuban counterparts, stated that the regulation is convoluted and confusing. He would prefer a business environment without fear of penalties and the supporting banks to have the confidence as similar to when trading with Europe and Asia.

The respondents of the petition believe that the book embargo does not reflect the American ideals of free expression, and culturally, it is the right thing to do. As of March 21st, 2016 the petition collected has reached 9,533.

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